Animal Communicator & Healer

elizabeth fulton with dogAs an animal communicator, Elizabeth assists people and animals in deepening their understanding of each other and resolving the challenges – physical, emotional, and spiritual- that arise in their lives, including helping them to:

  • understand each other and their purpose together;
  • understand physical illnesses and injuries;
  • understand each other when the animal’s behavior is puzzling or seems inappropriate;
  • find each other when the animal is lost or missing;
  • communicate with each other as an animal nears his transition and after he has made a transition from this world.
animal communicator with dog

Caring for a Dying Animal

Elizabeth has a special interest in assisting animals and their families as the animal nears his transition. For more information about caring for a dying animal and for resources that may help during this difficult time, visit Elizabeth’s Death & Grief section.

Video Testimonial