What is Animal Communication?

communicating with horseAnimal communication is telepathic communication. It can also be described as deepened intuition. All of us have intuitive capabilities, which we are aware of in day to day life, and these can be developed and expanded to become telepathic communication. At one time many people were probably able to communicate telepathically with other species. Although many humans have lost touch with this ability, most animals have not and are adept at communicating with each other, at distances as well as in each other’s presence.

If you observe a herd of deer over a long period of time, for instance, you will notice a surprising degree of collaboration and cooperation, sometimes of a complex nature. Yet deer rarely make a sound, and they show few changes in facial expression or gestures that could be construed as outward communications. Their communication is telepathic, and this is true of most other animals as well.

Telepathic communication can manifest in many ways. Animals can send visual images, feelings, thoughts, ideas and sensations as communications. Sometimes these communications have words; sometimes they are just accompanied by a strong sense of how they fit together to form the communication. Animals are capable of communicating very complicated and deep ideas and feelings, and many communicate with great elegance.

There are immense rewards and excitement in communing intimately with the other species that share our planet. Their insights show a beauty, depth, and generosity to their natures far beyond what most humans are conditioned to believe is possible.

Telepathic communication is a natural ability for all beings. Although many humans have lost touch with this ability, there are some words in our language that relate to animal communication, such as “intuition” and “telepathy”, and we can use them as a starting point in describing what animal communication is and how it works. The dictionary definition of intuition is “the ability to perceive or learn things without conscious reasoning.” At some time all of us have had experiences of intuition; we “just know” something without knowing how we know; but we feel confident that what we know is true, and results or circumstances later confirm this perception. Dictionary definitions of telepathy include “feeling at a distance,” “communication by means other than the normal sensory channels,” and “transference of thought.”

Animal communication includes elements of all these definitions. It takes place without conscious reasoning and by means other than the normal sensory channels; it involves feeling at a distance and can involve transference of thought. In order for animal communication to take place one has to bypass the rational, linear mind. This is done by quieting the mind, allowing it to become as still and empty of thought and everyday “mind chatter” as possible. Meditation is an excellent way to quiet the mind and access the still, inner state in which animal communication can take place. My own path of re-connecting with my childhood ability to communicate with animals was through a combination of meditation practice and Reiki.

In addition to my meditation practice, I was a Reiki master with a practice devoted exclusively to animals. Reiki healing is in some ways similar to meditation: during a Reiki treatment the healer will sometimes enter a deep, meditative state in which the mind quiets and various subtle phenomena can be recognized. These “subtle phenomena” are experiences that we often are not aware of when we are in our everyday, “dealing with the world” kind of mentality.

When our thoughts quiet and our mind goes still, we can become aware of these subtle phenomena, such as a peaceful, centered, or even ecstatic, inner state as well as communications from non-human beings. These communications go on around us all the time, but most people are not in a state to receive them. While the ability to access this state is natural and in-born for all beings, non-human beings generally find it easier to access this state because they have done so continuously and have not lost track of this ability as so many humans have.

When the mind is still and empty, a field of receptivity is created, in which the animal’s voices can be heard. Then all that is needed is to invite the animals to make use of that field. When the animals “speak,” it is also usually a subtle process; it is rarely a voice speaking clearly in full sentences in one’s head, although that can happen. More often it is a combination of subtle impressions. Releasing expectations is key to receiving communications from an animal. Many people have expectations about what animal communication is, but, in fact, becoming truly empty of expectation and thought is key.