Flower Essences

communication with dogElizabeth is a certified Anaflora flower essence practitioner with many years of experience working with animals and flower essences.

Flower essences are non-aromatic, liquid tinctures which are prepared in such a way that they hold the energetic imprint, or life force, of a particular plant or flower. They are holistic and treat the entire individual, not just the symptoms of a disease. They work on the innermost condition of the animal or person being treated and activate the being’s innate ability to heal itself. Rather than attacking disease, their effect is to lift the vibration of the whole being, transforming negative qualities and processes into positive ones and stimulating a being’s own potential to heal itself.

flower essences for animalsThe essences restore balance and harmony to a person or animal’s entire being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. They are exceptionally gentle but highly effective. Like homeopathic medicine, they give the innermost person or animal exactly the nudge that it needs to remember how to heal itself. Along with Reiki and animal communication, they involve no harm to any living thing to produce their healing benefits.