About Anaflora Flower Essences

anaflora animal flower essencesElizabeth uses Anaflora flower essences, made by Sharon Callahan, a pioneer in formulating essences specifically for animals. At Anaflora Sharon makes all of the flower essences herself using the highest standards and incorporating the highest energy and intentions in the making of all the essences. Anaflora is a non-profit organization and all of the profits from the sale of the flower essences are used for the benefit of animals.

The flowers for the essences are gathered from pristine alpine locations and prepared with the greatest love and reverence for the environment. No plants are destroyed in the essence-making process and no endangered flowers, or flowers from environmentally fragile locations are used. Below you will find an overview of the Anaflora flower essences in Sharon’s own words.

anaflora flower essences“Anaflora is a unique system of healing developed exclusively for the animal kingdom. All Anaflora flower essences are prepared from flowers gathered from pristine alpine locations on and around Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Sharon prepares each formula, stock essence and custom formula herself in a meditative atmosphere, thus assuring the vibrational quality of the essences from first contact with the flowers in nature, through the entire essence preparation and formulation process. Intent is an important component of any healing modality. At Anaflora, each flower essence is made with the sole purpose of healing animals and promoting the healing of the human-animal relationship. This intent permeates the entire Anaflora process from beginning to end.

animal wellness approved flower essencesAnaflora offers many flower essence formulas that address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of animals and one hundred and eighteen individual stock potency flower essences made and defined specifically for animals. Each formula and stock essence comes packaged in a one-ounce (30 ml) cobalt blue dropper bottle with a beautiful St. Francis label. All Anaflora flower essence formulas have been tested and proven effective with animals world wide. The essences are safe for animals and their people to take together, and this approach often enhances their effectiveness.”