Descriptions of Flower Essences

calms and soothes the overly aggressive dog. Enables the animal to respond with more neutrality to events, people and other animals.

Allergy Formula
Allergic reactions, especially when they affect the skin, often have a karmic component. This formula assists the animal in releasing past trauma that may be a contributing factor. Humans with allergies to animal dander report having great results when they take this formula while also giving it to their animal.

Angelic Attunement
Allows a closer affinity with angels, devas and fairies. Especially wonderful for time outdoors.

Anti-Seizure Recovery Formula
A special blend of essences to assist in the management of non-specific seizure disorder.

Assisi Blessing Water
A speciall blend of wild flower essences made in Assisi, Italy-home of St. Francis, Patron Saint of animals. This blend was made in an area of Assisi where St. Francis once walked. It can be used alone for physical and emotional healing and comfort or used as a “booster” in combination with any of the other Anaflora formulas…a very special and sacred treat for your animal companions. Wonderful for abused animals.

Assisi Formula
Promotes healing and enhances communication between species.

Avian Wellness
A general all purpose tonic for healthy birds. Promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of all captive birds. This formula has been used successfully by many avian sanctuaries and avian veterinarians.

Awakening Goddess
Especially created for women experiencing difficulty during mid-life. Releases old emotional patterning and feelings of low self-worth. Facilitates the unfoldment of the “Goddess Within.” Allows a woman to see and love her own unique beauty.

To help rid your pet of fleas and parasites. For birds, offers relief from mites. This combination of essences addresses underlying emotional and karmic issues that are pre-disposing factors in the development of allergic sensitivity and serves as an adjunct to other therapies such as nutritional support and herbs.

Benediction Oil
To anoint and bless an animal’s body prior to, during and after the death process. Contains an exquisite blend of flower essences to assist the animal’s soul in moving forward unencumbered. Harmonizes the animal to ensure that the highest potential of the soul is attained during this life and transition.

For any deep despair over the loss of a beloved person or animal. If you and your pet are both grieving, you can both take this formula.

Buddha Nature
Fosters a zen like quality of peacefulness in the less than tranquil canine or feline. Also appropriate for the already meditative animal for an enhancement and deepening of the reflective nature.

Calm Kitty
Calms and soothes everyday nervousness. Especially created for a cat’s sensitive and psychic nature. If you and kitty are both the ultra-sensitive sort, you can both take this formula.

Helps wild animals and birds adjust to a temporary situation of captivity.

Christ Consciousness
Encourages a greater allowance of the in pouring of the Christ energy (this is easy for animals!). Facilitates telepathic communication when taken along with one’s animal by enabling the two of you to meet in the context of the Christ energy.

Clear Channel
Removes blockages to clear perception and assists in releasing issues related to self-expression.

Compassionate Care
For those who chose caring for animals as a path of service. Relieves frustration, exhaustion and discouragement, heavy heartedness and renews hope. As much as we love animals the physical, emotional and mental demands of such work can be overwhelming at times. For shelter and sanctuary staff, the weight of responsibility can be awesome. This formula was created for just such situations. For those of us who are householders the weight of responsibility can be equally heavy at times. For those who are caring for “difficult” animals, or perhaps when an animal is dying and the stress and grief are heavy try Compassionate Care.

For the shy retiring animal that easily acquiesces to other animals or human beings. Instills self confidence and courage. Also wonderful during times of great life difficulty, challenge and change. If you have often thought of a particular animal -“If she/he would only stick up for herself everything would be alright,” this is the formula to choose. If these words are true of you, you can take this formula too! Courage Formula contains Scarlet Columbine, Wild Strawberry, Fawn Lily, Phantom Orchid, Quaking Grass, Pine Violet, Mt. Shasta Spring Water and brandy.

Crib No More
Helps relieve horses of the boredom and anxiety that leads to cribbing and other compulsive chewing and biting behaviors.

Decade of Transformation
Especialy formulated for the new decade beginning in 2010. Assists in leaving ego behind as we move into a more heart-centered interaction with the world and within ourselves. Calms the mind, opens the heart and facilitates calm yet strong inner presence. Continued use will deepen your meditation practice and open you more fully to communicate with your animal companions and all of nature.

Promotes and stimulates an energetic cleaansing of the physical and/or emotional body. Use after surgery, illness or when releasing oneself from from toxic emotional surroundings.

Digest Aid
Assists in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. Soothes nervousness and anxiety that may lead to digestive distress.

Dream Drops
Assists humans and other animals to fall asleep peacefully. Reduces negative dreaming and enhances the ability to remember dreams and decode dream messages. A wonderful formula to take with your animal companion.

Emotional Balancing and Healing Spray
Emotional balancing after situations of stress or trauma. For animals that have difficulty maintaining a balanced and stable state of mind and emotions.

Easy Spirit
For those who tend to be too rigid in their spiritual practice. Fosters the ability to integrate the spiritual life into the more mundane facets of daily living. Relieves the fear that one will “back-slide” spiritually if one relaxes into life. Brings spiritual joy.

Essence of Nature
For the indoor pet, or any creature confined to an artificial environment. This formula differs from the Loneliness Formula in that it was developed for the animal that has adequate companionship, but suffers from “nature deprivation.” It brings the “essence of nature ” indoors. Wonderful for humans who spend long periods indoors, too.

Essence of the Mother
Makes available the energies of the beloved Mother Mary. Wonderful for times when you need spiritual nurturing. An excellent formula for those in recovery programs and children who must be separated from their mothers for any length of time.

Essence of St. Germain
Establishes an energetic link to the spiritual energies of St. Germain.

Expanded States
Enables animals to experience ecstatic states while you are meditating or engaged in spiritual activities.

Fear Aggression
To calm and sooth any animal displaying too much aggression toward other animals and the fear that lies behind such behavior.

Feral Cat Comforter
Helps ease the plight of “stray” cats. Relieves hopelessness, despair and exhaustion. Boosts immunity and enhances the animal’s ability to respond to loving kindness from humans. Wonderful for feral dogs and wild animals such as coyotes and raccoons that have had to adapt to city life to survive.

Fit & Trim
To assist in tempering the emotions and subtle imbalances that contribute to obesity.

For grief over harm done to an animal. May also be taken as a sacrament of atonement to all animals that have been harmed by human beings. Many of us have deep feelings of remorse over past neglect, abandonment or harm done to an animal at some time in the past. Anaflora Forgiveness Formula was created for just such situations. Whether or not the animal or animals in question are still living, this formula acts as a sacrament of forgiveness and atonement between species. If taken with a pure heart and sincere feelings your love will be felt even beyond the perceived barrier of death. It is never too late to ask forgiveness and it is never too late to be forgiven. Not only your own companion animals, but all animals will feel the blessing of your gesture in taking this formula. (If you feel in need of this particular formula, and sincerely cannot afford to purchase it, please let us know and we will send it to you free of charge….your love and caring can change the world.) Forgiveness Formula particularly compliments Anaflora Return to Joy, Free and Easy, Soul Mate and Bereavement formulas. Contains Hyssop, Castle Lake Azalea, Bleeding Heart, Marsh Marigold, Fragrant Water Lily, Pearly Everlasting, Shasta Lily, Mt. Shasta Spring Water and brandy.

Foster Care
For the special needs of animals who must be placed in temporary foster care. Wonderful for human care-givers, too. Eases the pain of separation. Instills hope.

Free And Easy Especially For Horses
Anaflora Free and Easy for Horses was formulated at the prompting of Dr. Allen Schoen, D.V.M. Dr. Schoen sees many horses in his holistic veterinary practice and knows how individual their needs are. Free and Easy provides emotional balancing especially appropriate to the needs of horses, and provides relief from pacing, biting, cribbing, trailering fears and performance anxiety. Free and Easy is especially well suited for pre-treatment anxiety and is very effective when given prior to acupuncture, chiropractic, shoeing, Ttouch, hand on healing and all other healing modalities.

Horses have a particularly difficult and complicated history with human beings and they have many reasons not to trust us. With Free and Easy the burdens and mistrust of the past are lifted, you and your horse are brought into present time, and healing occurs. From this perspective new levels of trust can arise. Free and Easy is most effective when preceded by a week or two on the Anaflora Return to Joy and Forgiveness Formulas. It can then be used thereafter each time an anxiety producing situation is encountered. Free and Easy is well complimented by Anaflora Happy Feet, Tranquility and Courage formulas.

Helps animals to re-orient to the wild after temporary periods of captivity.

Fur and Feather
Balances and harmonizes the interplay between your cat and the birds in your garden. Enables the cat to disconnect from lower aspects of the group soul and align with your wishes.

Good Dog
Good Dog is an aid in obedience training, housebreaking, or any time a new behavior is being taught. Relieves anxiety, uncertainty, inattentiveness and resistance. It is most effective if both you and the animal take the formula.

Happy Feet
Makes nail clipping, horse shoeing and foot handling of all kinds a happy experience. This formula is also helpful for wing clipping. This formula has been used for many years by dog and cat groomers across the country with wonderful results. Happy Feet combines well with Tranquility, Calm Kitty and Special Stress.

Aids the introduction of a second animal into the home or bringing the new human baby home. Eases the fear of not enough love to go around.

Here Comes the Sun
Balances light deprivation in animals and people. Relieves depressive moods associated with lack of sunlight.

Holy Mother’s Care
Created especially for animals who have suffered a lack of mothering either through early weaning, abuse, or lack of appropriate care from a human guardian.

Holy Mountain Blessings
A little story from Sharon Callahan: Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, an awe inspiring sage whose presence graced the renound Arunachala mountain in India for much of the 20th century is considered by many to be the greatest saint of modern times. He was renowned for his saintly life, for the fullness of his Self-Realization, and for the feelings of deep peace that visitors experienced in his presence. Although great saints of all traditions recognize the divine presence in all living beings and things, Ramana Maharishi had a particular love of animals and treated those who were drawn to his spiritual community with the same respect he showed humans. There are abundant reports from those who witnessed first hand the sage communicating with animals.

Even among many spiritual seekers and adepts it is commonly thought that enlightenment occurs only in humans, but in June of 1948, Ramana’s favorite cow Lakshmi died in his arms after over two decades of devoted service to her master. Ramana considered Lakshmi his most loyal devotee and he stated that at the moment of her death her heart was completely purified and she attained final liberation or enlightenment.

Holy Mountain Blessings was created from flowers growing at the base of Mt. Arunachala along the very trails frequented by Ramana and Lakshmi flowers from Mount Shasta in Northern California, sister mountain of Arunachala. They are imbued with the intention of assisting animals toward enlightenment and fostering an enlightened relationship with one’s beloved animal companion and all animals. For best effect take Sacred Mountain Blessings along with your animal friend, and when you do, offer a blessing that animals and people worldwide come into sacred relationship with one another.

Immune Boost
Aids in the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Stabilizes emotional fluctuations and creates equipoise. As with human beings, animals in this time of world unrest and uncertainty are experiencing increased immune depletion. This formula is made from tree essences. Tree essences in general strengthen the system, creating health, balance, stability and endurance. Each essences in this formula was chosen for its stabilizing effect on the overall system.

Inner Child Healing
Promotes connection with and healing of the wounded inner child. Fosters the ability to self-nurture.

Lick Granuloma
To alleviate the emotional reasons for compulsive licking, fur pulling or feather plucking. Combines well with Special Stress and Tranquility.

For the animal who spends long periods of time alone while you work. For any creature suffering from enforced solitude. Wonderful for shut-in human folk, too.

Meditative Attunement
Enhances meditation practice. Assists in quieting the mind and facilitates a calm, steady inner presence.

Miracles Happen, Dreams Do Come True
For any human or non-human animal suffering from the effects of depression, sadness, grief or despair over difficult life circumstances and for all those desiring miracles in their lives. A wonderful essence for animals in need of new homes and all situations that appear “hopeless” . Miracles do indeed happen with a little help from the flowers. A wonderful complement to Return to Joy.

Missing You
When you have to be separated from your animal companion for an extended length of time. Enhances bonding at a soul level and relieves anxiety and worry. If you miss your animal as much as she misses you take this formula yourself. It works particularly well with the Telepathy Formula.

Moon Drops
For epileptic seizures that occur or intensify at the time of the full moon. Also helpful for other behaviors and anxiety states that intensify at the full moon. Use with Anti-Seizure Daily Formula and Post Seizure Recovery for best results.

Mystic Rose
Offers any abused creature access to the inflow of divine grace. Facilitates return to present moment awareness with openness and without fear allowing the unique gifts of the individual come forward into manifestation.

New Beginnings
For puppies, kittens and baby beings of all kinds. Boosts immunity, strengthens a new baby’s natural attunement, and helps prevent the tendency of infants to gradually forget their celestial origins. Strengthens the mother infant bond. If you have a nursing mother, or if you are one, give it to her/take it yourself, too!

Non-Harming Lifestyle
An aid in introducing your animal to a vegetarian diet or when you want to switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet. This special formula eases the heart, mind and body into a new and more compassionate way of hurturing the body. Some positive side effects include glowing health, lonnngevity, sensitivity to other beings and increased spiritual awareness. Please embark upon this process under the guidance of a health care professional.

Non-Dual Awareness
Helps to see all phenomena from a space of Oneness, facilitate present moment awareness and leave the ego of the “little self” behind. Many of the Roselight formulas will be enhanced by the addition of Roselight’s Non-Dual Awareness. Roselight’s Decade of Transformation is especially a great companion formula. Let your intuition be your guide.

Open to Receive
Offers immediate blessings of Divine Energy as well as preparing the animal to receive the benefits of healing modalities without fear or holding.

Over-Grooming Balance
For the animal who over-grooms as a reaction to stress or anxiety. Physical, allergy-like symptoms can arise due to outer stress factors (i.e. environmental toxins, certain foods, etc.) as well as inner stress factots (i.e. our thoughts and emotions when we are stressed which the animal feels but can’t understand). When an animal over-grooms his/her attention is focused on the fur and skin instead of on these stress factors around them. This formula is especially beneficial when alternated with Anaflora’s Special Stress, helping shield animals from human stress.

Post-Seizure Recovery
A special blend of flower essences especially created to assist in recovery from seizures. If you are upset by your animal’s seizures you can take this formula too. Use in conjunction with Ant-Seizure Daily Formula for best results.

To use after all surgical procedures other than Spay/Neuter. Helps re-align the subtle bodies after surgery or teeth cleaning. Begin as soon as the animal returns home from surgery and continue for several weeks.

Pound Puppies and Kittens Too
Eases the effects of abandonment, overcrowding and negative thought forms. Opens the heart to love and trust again. Strengthens the immune system.

Presence of Angels
Instills within the animal the vibration of the angelic realm which may be lost through indoor lifestyles, city living, and over-domestication. Appropriate for day to day use as well as times of stress, life changes, and at the time of transition from the world.

To use before all surgical procedures other than Spay/Neuter. Calms and builds trust. Alleviates previous trauma either personal or collective that may compound the animal’s fear of such a procedure. Begin one or two weeks in advance of surgery.

Rabbit Rescue
Especially developed to assist the rehabilitation of previously abused and neglected rabbits. Relieves fear and stress that weaken the immune system. Promotes emotional healing and general well-being. Restores trust.

Recovery Remedy
For recovery of all kinds, yours and your animal, including physical trauma, emotional shock, as well as recovery from severe addictive patterning. Helps repair nerve damage after an accident. Enhances the animal’s ability to receive healing thought pictures. Wonderful for wild as well as domestic animals. Great for wild and domestic people, too!

Eases difficulties when moving an animal or when traveling with one. If you are bothered by the move as much as your animal is, take this formula with him.

Return To Joy
Helps an animal to release anything from the past that still has a hold on him and helps him to come more fully into the present moment and all that is available to him there. Soothes, relaxes, builds trust and restores joy. For the animal that has suffered abuse of any kind. If both you and your animal have been in an abusive situation, you can both take this formula.

Sacred Mirrors
Aniamls often mirror our own fears, anxieties, illnesses and spiritual lessons. When taken with your animal companion, this formula creates an allowance for each of you to attune to and release negative patterning which may interfere with the possibilty of a higher octave of mirroring that enhances the spiritual growth of both of you.

Sacred Relationship
For deep soul level bonding between people and animals.. Take with your animal friend.

Saint Francis Formula
For Injured Birds For those birds that have been injured by flying into windows or having been captured by cats. Especially formulated for a bird’s small size and rapid metabolism.

Senior Formula
Eases arthritis pain, helps strengthen kidney and bladder function, reduces fear and restores joy. The animal’s own healing energy will become more available. If you and your companion are both seniors, you can take this formula together.

Separation Anxiety
For animals that are fearful of being separated from their human and/or animal companions. Attunes the animal to the all-pervasiveness of Divine Love available in every moment.

Service Animals
For the special stress and responsibility of Seeing-Eye Dogs, work horses and other animals that assist humans. Eases an over-burdened heart.

Soul Mate
For the person and animal who have a deep soul level bond that seems to transcend the limits of space and time. When such a bond exists, a deep level of anxiety and fear can often be present as well, making separation from one another a very trying matter. Such fear of separation and loss can be almost overwhelming, particularly at the time of the animal’s death. With Anaflora Soul Mate Formula the two of you will become more deeply attuned at the soul level while superficial fears and anxieties will retreat to their proper perspective. Give this essence to your animal friend and take yourself for best results. Soul Mate particularly compliments Anaflora Courage, Expanded States and Bereavement Formulas. Contains Marsh Marigold, Pearly Everlasting, Iris Versicolor, Bleeding Heart, Dogwood, Fawn Lily, White and Purple Crocus, Christmas Rose, Holy Water and Brandy.

Spay and Neuter
Restores the balance of energy disturbed by the spay/neuter process and enables the animal to better understand its purpose in working with humans.

Special Stress
Provides the animal relief when exposed to stressful situations that it does not understand, such as human relationship difficulty or work stress. Wonderful for children under the same circumstances.

Created especially to enhance the listening of the Spiritus CD for the purpose of re-sanctifying the human-animal bond.

Spraying Cat Formula
For territorial marking and inappropriate urination in male and female cats. Works well with dogs that lift their leg in the house, too. This formula was developed at the request of several large animal sanctuaries and shelters and has proven itself very useful at cutting down on this behavior in such settings. In homes with only a few animals the behavior often clears up completely.

St. Germain’s Garden of Delight
Gently burns away memories of all negative past experience. Builds faith and cleanses the body, mind and spirit.

Increases the bond between the two of you at the purely spiritual level and greatly facilitates a higher communion when you and the animal both take this formula.

Tick Mist
To support protection and recovery from Lyme disease (in a 4 oz spray bottle $26.95 plus shipping).

When we think of Lyme disease and other realted conditions we experience a deep sense of fear and we want to protect ourselves and our beloved animals. Swept away by fear, we go to war arming ourselves against the perceived enemy. But the defensive approach is not always the full soulution.

To compliment your veterinarian’s protocol for Lyme disease prevention Anaflora offers you a healing balm designed soothe you, your animal and all of nature, helping to restore harmony to the host parasite relationship through the radiation of love and light.

In creating this formula we took into account that all creatures, including ticks, are put on earth by God and serve a purpose.

TICK MIST will help your body and the body of your animal to emit a strong, fearless yet loving radiance, disarming the enemy, restoring balance and healing the world.

TICK MIST creates an energetic “bridge” between the parasite and host bringing illumination to the divine purpose of each and how they interact for the benefit of one another.

  • Offers protection from the negative thought forms associated with disease.
  • Protects you and the animal from psychic intrusion.
  • Helps prevent animals from absorbing human thoughts and fears associated with disease.
  • Helps shield animals from absorbing human fear regarding the status of their health or prognosis for recovery.

TICK MIST can be taken as a tincture several times daily and/or sprayed around you and your animal companion as often as desired, especially when out of doors.

Thunder Wonder
To reduce the fear of thunder and other percussive sounds. Animals can be terribly frightened oby thunder, gunshots, cars back-firing and other sounds with a percussive quality that can be felt physically even when there is no danger. This formula releases animals from thought imprints of being shot or in danger because of stroms that animals carry with them in their collective consciousness, which will help them feel safe and comfortable in such circumstances.

To Move As One
Integration of horse and rider at the subtle energetic level and the grosser physical level. Instills trust between horse and rider so over time the two can move as one being.

For the animal that is hyper-sensitive to its environment and easily over-stimulated. Calms and soothes everyday nervousness.

For the old or sick animal approaching death or for the senior animal as a preparation for transition. Assists animals and their people in moving through the animal’s transition with greater ease, peace and acceptance.

Trust & Relax
For animals who have largely overcome trauma, abandonment and/or abuse but are still unable to completely relax and trust family and friends.

Urinary Health
Assists in the prevention and relief of urinary infections and blockages. Calms and sooths the mind, emotions and body. Brings peace and peacefulness to the system.

Vibrant Skin & Coat
Enhances skin and coat health. Can be alternated with Allergy Formula, Wellness Formula and/or Over-Grooming Balance as appropriate.

Violet Flame
Cleanses and releases old energy patterns so that new life and inspiration may enter. Assists the development of trust and openess so one can easily access higher guidance.

Wellness Formula
One dozen essences to help keep an animal’s body, mind and spirit flexible, balanced and strong amidst the challenges of daily life.