Cats and Flower Essences: Stories from the Local Shelter


catHeidi was a large white cat with tortoise shell patches and beautiful big green eyes. When she was picked up by the animal control officers and handled initially at the shelter she was so aggressive that she was placed in the back room of the shelter, where the cats deemed too dangerous for contact with the public were housed. She was a terror her first couple days at the shelter, hissing and lunging at everyone who came near her cage. A couple of days after she arrived I began to give flower essences to the shelter cats. The day after she received a flower essence she turned around completely; she was gentle and easy to handle and was moved into the front room, where she was available for adoption. There she interacted well with the staff and volunteers and found a new home within a few weeks.


Farley was a big, muscular, black cat who had been the feline bully in his upscale hillside neighborhood for over a year. The residents were kind-hearted and tolerated his attacks on their cats until he began to come into their homes through their cat doors, attack their cats and spray. He was wild and untouchable but was eventually trapped and brought to the shelter, where he was housed in the back room away from the public. Within a couple of days of receiving his essence he had completely changed; the staff could pick him up and hold him, and he was interested and interactive with people. He was moved to the front room and became available for adoption. The woman who had trapped him came to visit him to make sure he was adjusting to the shelter and was astonished at his transformation; she could hardly believe he was the same cat!